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Frequently Asked Questions 

 Are the phones really the same? Or, are you selling refurbished phones?

The phones you get from us are exactly the same new phones you would get from going directly to the wireless carrier. And, we only activate devices we get from distributors that are certified by the wireless carriers themselves. Every device is brand new, has a full U.S. warranty, and is not refurbished in any way whatsoever (unless we explicitly market it as such).

 Is my contract with you or with the carrier?

Your contract will be with the carrier you choose. They will bill you for any plan-related charges, such as your monthly plan fees. We will only bill you for any equipment-related charges, such as phones, accessories, shipping and/or processing fee, and these are charged once your item ships. (Our charges will show on your credit card statement as "CELL STORES".)

 Who will be sending me a monthly bill?

The wireless carrier you select (including Verizon Wireless, Sprint, T-Mobile or AT&T) will bill you for any plan-related charges, such as your monthly plan fees.

 Do you offer free returns if I do not like my phone?

Yes, your satisfaction is our top priority. If you are not satisfied with your new device and would like to exchange it for another item or return it, simply follow the Returns & Exchanges procedures that will be included on your sales receipt. Every order we activate with a wireless service plan ships with a postage-paid return label. To return or exchange your phone, simply call for a Return Authorization (RA) number, write it on the return label, and ship it back to us at no cost to you. (NOTE: Free return shipping is not available on equipment-only purchases such as unlocked phones, accessory-only orders, prepaid phones, etc.)

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 When will I get my phone?

Most phones are shipped the same day the carrier approves your order. If your Order Status shows that it has shipped, you can click on the Delivery Date link to track it directly with FedEx. In order to protect your shipment, a signature may be required at the time of delivery.

 How can I check my shipping status?

You can track your shipment easily by signing into our Customer Service Portal. Once your order is picked up by FedEx, we will post your tracking number and link you into their system so you know exactly when to expect your delivery.

 What information is required to order a phone from you?

You will need to provide your name, address, phone number, email address, social security number, driver's license information and a valid credit card. We take extreme measures to ensure that this information remains safe and secure, and we NEVER share this information with anyone. NOTE: This is the same information you would need to provide if you went directly to a wireless carrier's store.

 Why do you need a credit card number if the phone I'm buying is free?

The credit card is used to validate your identity, and to process additional items, such as accessories. It is also used in the event that you break the 181-day minimum contract requirement.

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 Why do you require a 181-day minimum contract requirement?

In order to provide the best possible prices, we need to ensure that you maintain your account for 6 months. If you do not, you will need to repay the Instant Savings Discount you received when you purchased the phone.

 Why do you need my Social Security Number when placing an order?

This is a requirement of the wireless carriers in order to run a credit check and approve your application for wireless service.

 I'm under contract now; can I order a phone from you?

You can easily and instantly check to see if you are eligible to upgrade right on our web site. See our Upgrade Eligibility Checker. If eligible, you can sign up for a contract extension, pending the carrier's approval.

 What is the difference between a contract extension and number portability?

A contract extension occurs when you extend the life of your contract with your existing carrier. Number portability occurs when you switch from one carrier to another and take your phone number with you.

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 Can I complete a contract extension with you if the original order was placed elsewhere?

Yes, as long as you are upgrade eligible and the carrier approves the transaction (depending on the status of your account), we can complete a contract extension for you. You can easily and instantly check to see if you are eligible to upgrade right on our web site. A link to Check Upgrade Eligibility is on the wireless home page.

 How do I move my current number to another carrier?

When you check out, there is a box where you will need to provide the following information: current carrier, cell phone number, account number, and the name as it appears on the bill. It is important that you don't cancel your existing service or the phone number will not be moved. Once the phone number is transferred to the new carrier, the old account will likely be cancelled if there is no phone number associated with it. However, you should call your old carrier to verify that the account has been cancelled. (Please note that service on the old phone may be interrupted during this process.)

 When does my number transfer to my new device?

Once your device is shipped, the Order Status page will display with the date we have scheduled your mobile number to transfer to your new device under the column "Date Service is Scheduled to be Live". Typically we schedule this for the day after the scheduled delivery date. The time it actually takes to transfer your number from one wireless carrier to another varies, but normally this is completed within an hour or two.

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 Will my service be interrupted if I upgrade my phone or move my phone number to a different carrier?

No. We set the date that your number moves to your new phone to occur once you receive your new phone.

 Can a phone number be transferred (ported) to another carrier before the contract expires?

Yes, however you may be charged an early termination fee by your existing carrier for each phone number that is affected.

 Will I need to pay a deposit?

It is not unusual for a carrier to request a deposit. Each carrier has its own set of requirements and applies these regardless of whether you ordered on our site, from some other agent, or directly from a carrier store. Since your credit history is confidential, we are not notified why your order may require a deposit, only that a deposit is required as a condition of setting up service with them. Normally they will refund the deposit as a credit to your account after a year as long as your account is in good standing. If your order requires a deposit that you do not wish to pay, you may contact us to discuss other potential options.

 Can a corporate discount be applied when ordering through from you?

Yes, you would first place a standard order on our web site. Once you receive your phone, call the carrier directly to add your corporate discount.

 Who do I call with service-related questions?

You should call the wireless carrier you selected with questions about your service, plan, features or monthly billing.

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